Peter Jarvis
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Technology leader

Expert in Technology Leadership

Cloud Computing
High Availability SaaS
Online Advertising/Big data analysis
Massively scalable solutions
Continuous Integration/Deployment
Product Development
DevOPS and Agile IT expert
M&A due diligence
24x7 online operations

Peter Jarvis is a technology leader who consistently drives cutting edge business solutions.  

I bring the best possible mixture of open source, cloud, and enterprise technologies together providing excellent solutions that fit almost any budget. 

I've spent numerous years providing development, cloud (SaaS/IaaS), and online operations solutions.   I constantly analyze and solve complex business problems, especially those being held back by technology leadership issues.  

I'm an expert at leading organizations and departments towards getting technology out of the way in order to accomplish overall business goals.  Agile IT and DevOps process is especially important in all organizations as time to market is critical.  I'm a massive proponent of this mentality and have influenced several development and operations teams towards these solutions and overall success! 

Proven success building comprehensive business cases including best practices for estimation of effort and benefit as well as ensuring these strategies are filtered throughout the company and investors.  This includes significant scaling from startups to multi-million dollar businesses and beyond.    

Expert at Cloud Architecture, Network Engineering, and datacenter migration projects.