Peter Jarvis
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Peter Jarvis

Vice President IT, CIO

5708 Marilyn Dr - Austin, TX 78757

 - 512-981-5278

Technologist with extremely strong people skills and proven results building and leading technology teams

Expert level network and cloud architecture experience in constantly evolving high volume, highly available SaaS and enterprise environments 

Proven ability to continually accomplish technology and overall company goals through numerous shifts in business strategies and acquisitions

Strong focus on both internal and external customer service

Software and platform development expertise including significant PCI and SAS70 audit experience

Work Experience

Director of Cloud Operations

Gamestop, Cloud Division 
Austin, TX

September 2011 to Present

• Building the product and infrastructure for the Gamestop online vision
• Leading online operations, live publishing, and internal IT for the cloud gaming division
• Deployment of 6 datacenters across the US including 10g Arista and Cisco based networking with ultra-high IOPS disk/SAN subsystems in the latest generation allowing teams to accomplish all internal goals.
• Utilizing numerous open source technologies keeping costs and team sizes to a minimum
• Provide communication bridge between technical and non-technical teams

Head of Technology (consultant)

Smiley Media 
Austin, TX

September 2011 to Present

Part time consulting with Smiley Media/Networks on all cloud initiatives. This has included migration of two live datacenters to AWS and Rackspace cloud environments saving 10's of thousands per month in ongoing expenses.

Head of Operations and Information Technology

Smiley Media 
Austin, TX

May 2010 to September 2011

• Ensure ultra high volume analytical computing clusters are constantly online and generating revenue.
• Regularly working on projects tactically in a crunch while ensuring long term strategy still exists
• Leveraging numerous cloud, outsourced, and in-house technologies in order to keep costs to a minimum while ensuring performance is next to none. This includes righscale, AWS, RS cloudsites, Jira, confluence, greenhopper, Eucalyptus, VMWare, plus CI systems using agile process.
• High volume PHP, Javascript, XHTML environment.
• Offering our applications as Software as a Service from within our datacenter deployments ensuring our customers remain extremely happy with results.
• Overall operations of online advertising networks include numerous external dependencies and complex mathematical formulas ensuring highest possible margins.
• Ensure high volume (3mm+/mo) data change and analysis systems are at the leading technology edge.
• Lead Internal IT team providing services and support for all local and outsourced teams.

Chief Technology Officer

TrueGamesInteractive Inc 
Irvine, CA

September 2008 to April 2010

• Significant business case analysis and all budgeting around the development and deployment of a 24x7 online account and payment platform.
• Lead the hiring from no employees to 25 employees setting up a new office from scratch including all technologies, development, and technology management functions all the way from a help desk to technical architect.
• Significant VMware deployments including development and full scale production, NAS, and SAN configurations (virtual clouds).
• Leveraged private cloud technology at Latisys keeping capital expenditures down to a couple physical servers in the office while leveraging $100's of thousands of outsourced equipment for extremely low cloud prices.
• Developed overall technology plan including all aspects of budgeting, team development, as well as short and long term strategic planning through the use of both interdepartmental and individual interviews.
• RT helpdesk, nagios, splunk for log control/monitoring, VMWare for systems deployments/failover
• J2EE environment, tomcat servers drupal deployments, built and released a custom java SaaS application generating the ability for the company to create accounts, accept payments, and ultimately have users drive revenue for the company. Leverages social media outlets for advertising and marketing.
• Cisco & netscreen networking components including all configuration/management
• Worked with UTV funding sources for project approval and successfully moved numerous plans from analysis to implementation to the live 24x7 environment
• Fully redundant MS SQL and MySQL database deployments
• Developed and deployed full IT engineering support environment allowing for extremely rapid platform and game development including all polices and procedures
• Worked under extremely high startup pressure including extremely diverse priorities
• Heavy focus on all security aspects including enterprise level e-commerce platform development and co-location deployment
• Web and social media integrations that were critical to product success.
• Numerous diagrams, documentation, and policies/procedures
• Strong ITIL and publishing management with focus towards SOX and PCI compliance best practices.

Vice President, CIO

NCSoft Corp. North America 
Austin, TX

June 2001 to September 2008

• Grew the company from 15 employees to a team of more than 80 members across the globe generating $70mm+/yearly recurring revenue.
• Took the company from a single product platform with minimal payment capability generating less than $1m/year to a multi-product western hemisphere platform strategy with numerous payment methods launching 8+ products to date bringing in hundreds of millions in revenue.
• Directed the hiring and high level architecture for platform and datacenter deployments that supported 10's of millions of users and hundreds of millions in revenue.
• Managed and eventually grew the management of all aspects of IT from 24x7 NOC to software development including billing/tools systems to network and systems engineering including ITIL and publishing processes leveraging in house, outsourced, and existing technologies to succeed.
• Managed design and implementation of several (6+) enterprise level multi-site SaaS applications including authorization, billing, and web systems generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the company.
• Extremely strong service organization related vision/direction with focus on continuous delivery and weekly publishes/improvements.
• Enterprise linux clustering with fault tolerant network redirection
• Oracle (9i,10g - w/RAC), MS SQL (2000,2005,2008)+clustering, and MySQL deployments (varied for data mining/production).
• Significant VMware deployments including development and full scale production, NAS, and SAN configurations (virtual clouds).
• AD design and deployment
• Managed frontline support escalation for all production systems including 24x7 NOC tier1, 2, and 3 teams
• Cisco VOIP phone system
• Cisco, Juniper, and Extreme Networks BD10k datacenter deployments including configuration/management BGP and EIGRP between datacenters. Formed ARIN relationship and deployed dedicated global network infrastructure.
• Provided leadership, analysis, and overall management of technical solutions across the company.
• Significant business case analysis, systems modeling, systems capacity planning and all western hemisphere IT budgeting
• Internal IT helpdesk, RNW, Nagios, Sitescope, BlueOcean, Altiris deployment and helpdesk
• Security team, documentation and audit processes with a heavy focus on ITIL, SOX, and PCI compliance.
• Global Datacenter operations, in house ERP system as well as support, build management, and BPM solutions including clear documentation from original to improved processes.
• IT budgeting, recommendations, purchasing, and implementation including operations cost centers which follow strict profitability guidelines I designed.
• Engineered full development environment including CVS/Perforce and publish procedures.
• Platform architecture from scratch to millions of live accounts drawing in hundreds of millions in revenue per year.
• Numerous executive and board level meetings to drive overall technology direction.
• US and EU operations refinement
• Continually provide leadership taking the organization through growth and challenges with new technologies and media operations from a single US site to a true global force.

Head of Online SaaS Operations/IT Director

ClearCommerce Corp 
Austin, TX

February 1999 to June 2001

• 24x7 multi-site geographically redundant internet based anti-fraud and e-commerce transaction processing solution. This is one of the first large software as a service sites in existence.
• Development of numerous publishing and deployment technologies not commercially available at the time.
• Multiple Oracle 8i deployments with geographic redundancy and site to site load balancing
• Directed all IT and online operations aspects of the business including escalations and regular client facing meetings.
• Extremely hands on system administration of windows, linux, oracle, HPUX, and AIX systems
• All technology budgeting and project analysis, extremely tight venture capital funding and presentations included
• Remedy support desk software suite deployment/management
• Frontline escalation support of customer facing applications
• Online ASP system used by major companies (Software as a Service) branded as Service Bureau
• Large EMC NAS, citrix, and network appliance
• Strict ITIL and PCI compliance teams assembled and rules followed.
• Responsible for all network services and internal IT support operations
• Analysis and design of operational processes as an ASP/SaaS provider
• Diagrams and documentation required for VC funding and continued growth of the business
• Leading edge, high availability, internet solutions to many external customers through professional services

IT Manager

Electronic Arts/Origin Systems 
Austin, TX

June 1996 to February 1999

• Drove all information technology including publishing and art pipelines within EA Origin
• Overall network and IT analysis, evaluated day to day operations constantly improving available services to the organization.
• Oracle ERP implementation from base analysis to implementation at Origin giving finance and purchasing visibility across the company.
• Responsible for creating IT security on the internet before any real internet security protocol existed
• IT budgeting, recommendations, and implementation
• Hired and lead computer support staff including team building and organizational communication with all executives, stakeholders, and individual development teams.
• All aspects of IT direction and business technology within the organization including numerous diagrams, documentation, and presentation of that data required to influence organizational leaders.
• Continually drove research of new technologies saving the company significant money through business analysis and process improvement. The result was driving down the overall cost of development.
• File and NFS/NAS servers, email systems, video conferencing, etc..
• All site wide software registration/licensing
• Drove Voice/Data/Video Integration and deployments well ahead of the industry standard

Network Services Supervisor
• Supervised Network Services personnel constantly improving quality
• Ensured all internet services including email, news, and security were up and running driving up business productivity.
• Drove overall network uptimes that allowed developers to get more done in a shorter amount of time.
• Drove all technology budgets ensuring that improvements were growing at a rate that was in line with company goals ensuring the business was never slowed down unnecessarily.

CTO, President

Jarvis Systems 
Austin, TX

June 1990 to January 1997

* Head of Jarvis systems for numerous years
• All finance, budgeting, and technical support
• Board and processor level computer manufacturing, installation, and support
• Built and installed several small Novell and Linux based networks from the ground up including full customization of all applications on the network.
• Built several full-blown "internet" servers - these were largely based on Linux, plus a few windows servers per customers request.
* One employee who manufactured computers.
• Sold the business in 1997

Unix Systems Administrator

Texas Rehabilitation Commission 
Austin, TX

July 1994 to June 1996

• Configured and managed all UNIX systems as well as statewide WAN communications including cisco routers
• Worked within the TEX-AN and statewide security systems ensuring quality standards were met.
• Lead engineer in 5 person team driving in products on time and under budget.
• Systems programming (sh, perl, etc..), Kernel tuning
• Informix Database Support ensuring all personal were up and running.
• Heavily involved in NT implementation driving down costs by moving off legacy systems.
• Design/Monitor TRC wide area network (WAN) ensuring all employees were able to be productive.
Network Systems Engineer (network manager)
• Managed over 120 Novell 3.x and 4.x servers with over 1800 workstations attached
• Lead the design and installation of LAN's within the TRC wide area network
• Drove the team as a lead on all statewide workstation/server issues - over 30 in the group. Awarded for doing quality work on schedule.
• Coordinated integration of all network software with P.C.'s including custom scripting.
• Significant team and technology leadership

Regional Systems Support Technician
• Budget, planning, purchasing, training, and support for all computer related equipment in region 3 of TRC (Central and East Texas) covering thousands of square miles
System Support Specialist
• Operated AS/400 and supported all network software including AS/400 terminal emulation and Netware connectivity on OS/2 based P.C.'s
• Specify purchase requirements for all network hardware and software

Auto/Fire Underwriting Analyst

Farmers Insurance Group 
Austin, TX

January 1990 to July 1994

• Consultant on computer system setup and design
• Involved in recommendations on computer system design and upgrades


BS in Computer Science

Park University - 
Parkville, MO

1991 to 2011

Electrical Engineering

University of Texas - 
Austin, TX

January 1989 to January 1990

Numerous management training and continuing education classes


Software Development Architecture, IT team growth and management - both internal and outsourced, Expert Team building skills, Strategic with a very tactical background, DevOPS, Systems & Network Architecture, Complex SaaS services development, Numerous outsourcing and cloud initiatives, Global Enterprise App deployments, Global Datacenter, Network, Database, and Application Deployments, Risk Management, Complex database mining analysis, Authentication, Access Control, Fraud Analysis